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What we offer

The Marshland Tourist Center was founded in 1991, in Waniewo in the heart of Narew National Park.  The flow of the Narew River in this area is in many channels, and thus has gained the name “The Polish Amazon.”  We have over 160 species of breeding birds, such as the kingfisher, the service warbler, the snipe, the spotted crack, ruff, aquatic warbler great reed warbler  corncrake and many other species.  You often can see beaver and otter, and sometimes even elk.  The muddy marshes are home to varied vegetation, reeds and flowers, including over 500 varieties of club moss junipers, the Siberian Iris, and hardy flowers.
If you are looking for quiet, silence and active recreation, you have found just the place.

Our Boarding House
Hospitable single and double rooms, each with a private bathroom.  In the single rooms, we supply a single bed, a wardrobe, a table and chairs, and night cabinets and a lamp.  Regional cuisine is available at your request.  We offer breakfast and supper.  The majority of our food comes from ecologically safe farms.  We offer an abundance of regional dishes, including potato pancakes, wild fowl, soups, and a variety of cake and mixed desserts.  In our fireplace room, you can sample our cuisine, enjoy the television and interact with our guests to plan common activities.
Our location is ideal as a base for bicycle excursions.  With us you can not only admire nature, but you can arrange social and educational meetings.  You can also sit by the campfire in our extensive garden.
After the flood waters of the Narew recede, we organize traditional “punting boat” excursions on the river.  During your ride, you can experience the rich plant and bird life of the Narew valley.  On request, we can provide kayak rafting, sleigh rides, or horse cart rides.

Our Hospitable Rooms
Most of the rooms in our boarding house face east and west.  As you look out your window, you can see the panorama of Waniewo village.  It is a small community which arose in the 13th century.  From the other side, you can see Narew National Park, whose extensive bogs are covered with meadow plant life and willow thickets.  In the breeding season, near your open window, you can hear the corncrake, the bitter and the spotted crack.  As you walk through our grounds, you can frequently see meadow cranes in their nests, storks, and sometimes even elk.

Our Fireplace Room
Overlooking the Narew National Park, our guests can both eat their homecooked meals, and observe the cattle, storks hunting for frogs for their meal, and marsh harriers flying upward from the meadow and pond.  Except for the sounds of nature, nothing disturbs the silence and relaxation of our guests.  During colder weather, our fireplace provides you with the warmth you desire.  While hunters admire their trophies, our bird lovers reflect on their discoveries.  From our fireplace room, you can grab a cup of coffee and listen to the symphony of the frogs and crickets in our garden.

Regional Cuisine.
We Poles have a saying, “A hungry Pole is not a good one.”  So we take care of our guests and their appetites!  The Podlasie region is famous for its regional dishes.  So we satisfy you with tasty traditional dishes as well as hamburger, pizza and other international cuisine.  Our Poldlasie dishes are our specialty, though, from recipes passed down from grandmothers generation to generation.

Due to our superb location, we are the perfect base for bicycle excursions.  Depending on your interests and time constraints, you can tour the Narew National Park, or a trip to the more distant Bia»owieóa, or Biebrza National Parks.  If your interest is history, the nearby town of Tykocin has a wealth of historic mementos.

Special Events
With us you can not only admire nature, but also plan your social and educational gatherings.  Silence only disturbed by the sounds of nature make us a “natural” for conventions and scientific gatherings.  You do your work, and the you can relax and rest in our pleasurable environment.  You can also plan your family Easter, Christmas and New Years’ holidays with us.

By the Campfire
Our extensive garden is the perfect setting for a campfire, where you can just sit and relax, or join others for a ball game.

Riding on a Punting Boat or Kayak
Narew punting boats were originally used for the transportation of hay and fish, and were originally made by burning a hollow in a tree trunk.  Today, of course, we make them from pine boards, and they are available for your rest and relaxation as you tour the Narew valley.

In the neighborhood of Waniewo, the Narew Valley is up to 3 km wide, filled with unique and beautiful scenery.  This “water Labyrinth,” created by nature is often called the Polish Amazon or the Polish Danube delta.  Nowhere else in Europe will you find a river flowing in 10 channels covering so wide a valley.  Floating in the water labyrinth makes the Waniewo area an unusual attaction!  Your boat squeezes through water channels among reed, thickets of willow and then flows into a wide expanse of water, over and over again.
The unusual climate is a great home for songbirds, who nest here in great variety.  The rain, working with the vast expanse of bog plants, creates multicolored blooming carpets of flowers.  The complex of river channels in the Waniewo area is so huge that you can float through them under a local guide’s care for the entire day, without once returning to where you once were.  The best rides are in the late afternoon and evening, since this is the time when the water fowl are most active.  You can also see beaver and otter as you continue on your journey.

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